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Rich & Creamy Paneer Curry

I'm forever trying to perfect my paneer dishes, and I think this one is pretty close to heaven. I must say this recipe is definitely the one I use the most (for my other paneer recipe see  here). It's creamy and wonderful and unapologetically delicious, but it's by no means the healthiest or lightest dinner option. … Continue reading Rich & Creamy Paneer Curry

chickpea curry - vegethoughts

Warming Chickpea Curry

Chickpea curry - perfect for a Friday night in.  And as chickpeas are both highly nutritious and tasty, this is a recipe that will really tickle your taste-buds. What you will need: - Olive oil - 6 cloves - Cinnamon powder - Cumin - 2 onions - 2 cloves of Garlic - Ginger - 100g … Continue reading Warming Chickpea Curry