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Perfect, Herby, Garlic Bread

This is my fool-proof recipe for perfect garlic bread. I often make it alongside my pesto pasta and it works great with pretty much any pasta dish. It's super quick, delicious and definitely healthier than the frozen off-the-shelf stuff. What you'll need: 5-6 slices of your favourite, good quality bread. I went for tiger bread this … Continue reading Perfect, Herby, Garlic Bread

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Spinach-Stuffed Aubergines with Fresh Garlic Bread

I made this dish for the first time a couple of nights ago. There are many variations of this recipe, and my version is adapted to make it a truly nutritious and wholesome meal. This was a perfect dinner for two, so if you want to see how to do it keep reading... What you'll … Continue reading Spinach-Stuffed Aubergines with Fresh Garlic Bread