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Delicious Vegetable Quinoa

I first came across this delicious recipe here, and have put my own twist on the idea. All you need is your favourite grain, all your favourite veg and a saucepan. This dish tastes divine on its own as a wholesome dinner, but would also be great tucked into some stuffed peppers or mushrooms, or … Continue reading Delicious Vegetable Quinoa

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How To Make Perfect Sweet Potato Wedges

For me, sweet potatoes have always lived in the ‘eurgh, no thanks’ zone alongside butternut squash, goat's cheese and quiche. Simply couldn’t stand the stuff. I’d had a dodgy experience with a sweet potato fry in a Nandos a few years ago and had written the spuds off completely, opting for the ‘real thing’ (regular … Continue reading How To Make Perfect Sweet Potato Wedges