An Overview of My Favourite Cookbooks

I wrote a post a few years ago about the 2 cookbooks I was using the most at the time. In addition to those, I now have a roster of about 9 that I switch between for those nights when I have a little more time on my hands and fancy something new. I'm planning … Continue reading An Overview of My Favourite Cookbooks

kale & mushrooms pasta - vegethoughts

Kale & Mushroom Pasta

This is a 15-minute recipe that's great for students, busy bees returning late from work, and especially for those of you who need to whip up an emergency meal last minute. What you'll need: 12-15 Chestnut Mushrooms 70g of Curly Kale (washed please!) 150-200g Whole Wheat Fusilli Pasta 1 large clove of Garlic Dried Herbs … Continue reading Kale & Mushroom Pasta

Vegetarian cookbooks - vegethoughts


So I've been very busy with deadlines recently, and having something to reach for when I'm lacking the creativity to come up with my own dishes has been great. I know there are tons of vegetarian cook books out there, but these two have been particularly great for my lifestyle. I'm a student, and so … Continue reading VegeBooks!