Tomato & Courgette pasta - Vegethoughts

Tomato & Courgette Pasta

So this 'pasta with two veg' thing is actually becoming a thing - it started with my kale and mushroom pasta (which I'm still loving every week), and now I've got this absolutely delicious tomato and courgette pasta to add to my growing repertoire. This one is absolutely divine - the tomatoes really come alive with … Continue reading Tomato & Courgette Pasta

Vegetable quinoa - vegethoughts

Delicious Vegetable Quinoa

I first came across this delicious recipe here, and have put my own twist on the idea. All you need is your favourite grain, all your favourite veg and a saucepan. This dish tastes divine on its own as a wholesome dinner, but would also be great tucked into some stuffed peppers or mushrooms, or … Continue reading Delicious Vegetable Quinoa

Vegetarian cookbooks - vegethoughts


So I've been very busy with deadlines recently, and having something to reach for when I'm lacking the creativity to come up with my own dishes has been great. I know there are tons of vegetarian cook books out there, but these two have been particularly great for my lifestyle. I'm a student, and so … Continue reading VegeBooks!